Irene O’Shea oldest skydiver, first jump when she turned 100


Irene O’Shea oldest skydiver, first jump when she turned 100.

Adelaide woman Irene O’shea is again the world’s oldest skydiver after completing a jump on Sunday at the age of 102.
She first took out the title with her first jump when she turned 100, and son-in-law Mike FitzHenry says there was no talking her out of it.

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“No, not with Irene O’Shea — you don’t try and talk her out of anything,” Mike told FIVEaa breakfast on Monday. “She decides what is going to be and you go with it.”

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“That’s been the general rule and now she’s matriarch of course we have that duty and we adhere to it quite consistently.”

Irene has 11 great grandchildren, still drives and reads without glasses — so what’s her secret?

“She’s been asked that question many times,” Mike said. “Good living, clean living, honest living.”

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“And she says it’s in the genes. If you’re meant to go to 100 you do, and if you don’t that’s the way the Lord means it, is basically her philosophy.”


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